Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amanda Weddings Website

Amanda Lee Weddings website (visit website)

I love Amanda Lee's design. Her gown is original, vibrant and beautiful.

I'm fortunate to work with Amanda and Joe to present this beautiful website to their clients.

Monday, April 6, 2009

UAG project

Calendar 2009: design and assisted in photo shooting.

January to May

June to December

UAG Brochure cover

UAG Advertisement in magazine

UAG flyer design version 2009

UAG flyer design version 2008

UAG Pull Up Banner

UAG Backdrop design

Backdrop in road show

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sapphire Merchant Kit

The Grand Sapphire Merchant decal sticker

The Grand Sapphire Merchant Standee front and back

The Grand Sapphire Merchant Standee mock-up

Sapphire Bulletin

Sapphire Bulletin: January, February and March Issues.

To read January issue, please click here
February issue, click here
March issue, click here

The Grand Sapphire Project

The Grand Sapphire Collateral

Letterhead, envelope, business card

The Grand Sapphire catalog

Catalog Cover and application form

The Grand Sapphire welcome kit set

Welcome kit Cover and back page folded

Welcome kit Cover and back page open

Welcome kit inside open

Welcome note and faq page from welcome kit set

The Grand Sapphire Business Card

(I have to blur the mobile number to protect my friend's privacy)

Membership cards

The Grand Sapphire website (visit site)