Saturday, March 22, 2008

Web Design

GlobalRoam Pte Ltd. I am responsible on the design, layout and development using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash for the main page.Visit website

I worked on the design and development using, HTML, CSS and Flash with a team of great programmer and analyst. As this is a e-commerce website with online call system, it takes lots of time for us to put it together. Thanks guys for all your help.Visit website

T'sha is designed and developed for my cousin who manufactures custom made pottery and glass in Bintan Island. The design & development only took half day to finish. Visit website

Amanda Lee Weddings is a personal project that i designed and created before I joined current company. I am glad to work with Joey, Maisie, Martin and Dawn for this lovely site. Visit website

Another personal project that i designed and developed with some talented illustrator. This website is one of my favorite but no longer active, which is a pity.

Tennissolutions is designed and developed when i was working in an events and management company. Steven who is the tennis coach and also a clients is a great person to work with.(This website no longer active)

I'm proud to present Tivoli audio to everyone as I spend lots of time on developing this website. I work with a programmer Bennie who created a CMS for the products page. Visit website

After the success of Tivoli Audio, I was trusted to designed and developed their company website Lenbrook Asia. This is a very simple navigated website. Visit website

The designed is done by another designer while I'm responsible in the development and maintenance. I worked in this events company for 1 and half years. I met lots of nice colleagues there. (This website no longer active)

Poker Times is the leading and first poker magazine in Asia. It is fun to work on different style here. It takes only 2 days to develop this. If you are interested to subscribe the poker magazine, please visit website

I only spend few hours for the concept, layout and development as my boss and client love the fresh and environmental idea. Visit website

` I also design the logo for the company ^^v.

I was responsible for the design, layout and development of this website. The programmer is a friend of mind that developed the CMS to allow our client to update their products info. Visit website

I would love to have a chance to create a website for motorcycle but to bad the client pull out the plan last minute. I have some fun creating the concept here.

Ngai chin is a big interior design constructor. I am proud to create the website for them. They prefer something really simple with easy navigation so i come out with this. Visit website

I have lots of fun created this website for my first company. (This website no longer active).

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