Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brochure & Flyer design

DV Fest 2006 is Singapore short film competition sponsor by Canon and organized by Creatus Events. There are 4 categories opened for Secondary school, Media school, public and professional and finally is judged by the professional.

WorldRoam *117* brochure is my first brochure project in GlobalRoam. I have lots of freedom to create the brochure and came out with few option so the management picked this one as they prefer something more corporate.

Lovely flyer done for my cousin who manufacture custom made pottery and glassware. This is done in very short time. I like the color.

gCross is one of GlobalRoam product. I designed the brochure for my colleagues for their presentation. There are two different format and design as they mean for different target or clients.

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